Saturday, March 13, 2010

Only A State Of Mind

This dollhouse was a present I received Christmas 2007 from my father in Law. I saw the house in a vintage store in Cape May NJ while visiting the in-laws, when my husband brought it to my attention I wanted to weep because we couldn't afford the $125 for it and I'd been wanting a brownstone dollhouse badly. When Christmas rolled around and my father in law inquired as to what I wanted, without hesitation I responded with: 'The dollhouse.'

The thing about the dollhouse is it makes me dream of Mr. Kinsky's Villa in Rome. Do you know Mr. kinsky? The lone recluse who is so shy he doesn't share his talent for the piano with the world but instead settles to give lessons to children in his home, a breathtakingly charming villa in Rome inherited from his aunt, where the beautiful Shaundrai an exile from a village in Africa takes up occupation as Mr. Kinsky's housekeeper. I won't ruin the story for anyone who has not seen the movie 'Besiege', but just know I highly recommend it!!!!!!!

A brief synopsis if you need

I need that staircase!!!
So my desire was to capture the essence of Mr. Kinsky's Villa. Every room is still a work in progress, notice how I like to decorate in advance before a room is actually architecturally finished! :) The rooms are ten in all.

The kitchen...I made all the food you see

The music room

The ultimate goal is to have the shelves of this bookcase filled with books!

The bathroom is almost finished

I'm working on this little sofa. Not sure how I will finish off the bottom. I will just wait for the inspiration to come....

Made lots of pillows. fun, fun!

I came across this plant kit I bought eons ago, decided to give it a try...

I've been working in and out of 3 different fashion show, the brownstone and? The 3rd will remain a mystery for now, but here's a peak at the fashion's coming along!

I made the star of the show this purse, skirt and attached feather to her hat. The 'models' are water color & Charcoal on paper.

When I am finished with the fashion show I will make a stop motion film with it. If all goes well should be cool. :)

So I've gotten more accomplished in the last two days than I have in the last two years! I think deleting my other blog was the best decision...this is more me :)


Truth and Bone said...

Gosh you are so creative, the rooms look so real!

macdogproduction said...


Pandora said...

Lovely stuff, the sofa is very sweet. You might want to make some chairs to go with it - the style of the slipper chair would go well.


Norma said...

The mini project is looking great - and I love the fashion show!

I don't know the movie 'Besieged' but will look for it at the video store on the basis of your recommendation, then I'm sure I will appreciate Mr Kinsky's villa even more :)

The Visionary Butterfly said...

Hi Norma! Thanks so much. Glad you like the fashion show too-it's dear to me and cannot wait to finish it. :)