Friday, March 26, 2010

Last Night

Once in a while I will post some randoms stuff like this :)

I snapped these pictures outside the Eden Roc Hotel where I worked backstage for Art of Shade at an Elle Fashion Show.

These stairs would look fantastic in miniature, wouldn't they?!

Another highlight was I met Anchal who was on Americas Next Top Model. I have no idea which cycle/season. Don't I look so beautiful and photogenic? I'm the one on the right :P

She was really nice and down to earth. Unlike some people there

Ladies/Gentlemen I wish you a really great weekend. Thank you for your visits and support.



Peach Blossom Hill said...

My goodness! You are quite more dazzling than the 'model'! How beautiful you are! Yes, those lights and staircase would be wonderful in miniature. The lighting in your photos reminds me of the Phantom of the Opera movie for some reason. Lovely and mysterious.


The Visionary Butterfly said...

Hi Jody,

lol I am actually the one on the left but I was caught off guard!

I agree that there is something lovely and mysterious about the photos outside of Eden Roc. Never seen Phantom of the opera but I am curious now:)

Thor said...

Don't be hard on yourself, you still look great! Nice photos.

OOAK babies by Mina said...

Hi Chadina! Thanks for the visit and follow. Love your site and my, you are gorgeous!

Have a great day.
Blessings, Mina