Monday, April 19, 2010

Fresh Perspective

I relocated the dollhouse to a room that gets more natural light for better photographing. I even gave it a much needed cleaning. Putting the furniture back it suddenly dawned on me a better layout for the kitchen. I removed the floor paper which hardly looked natural and even added a sink. I still don't know what to do about the walls, I'm thinking a wainscoting or something, and i really do want real tiled floors. What do you think of the new layout?

Can you tell that I admire the German dollhouse kitchens of the early days?! Speaking of I had the most awesome butter churn but I lost it, I've lost a lot of things :) But I am grateful to the things I've held onto and can make :)

I've been wanting a little boy for the dollhouse so I made a go at it the other night. Jake suggested we name him Jake. Coincidentally this miniature Jake keeps the messiest room and always wants to go to the beach.

This bed is my first attempt at making miniature furniture like almost 9 years ago. I wish I had taken a close up of the monkey toy on the pillow (next time). That's a red sailboat on the headboard, and the complimenting toy box with a chug boat painted on front, unfortunately the back and lid have been lost. Maybe I can muster the magic to make another.

Ok. It's bed time for me. Before I go welcome to visitors/New followers. I got my first blog award from Norma of Make Mine Mini, I will do that next post. Thanks to all, and all a good night/morning/day!

Monday, April 12, 2010

All My Children

So I've made five dolls to date. Have attempted to make others but not sure if I've lost my doll making mojo! It seems my creativity is survived on pure inspiration which for me is too far and few in coming. My atmosphere has to be conducive for creativity to flow. Read too many distractions such as reality, ugh!

If you've seen my paper dolls I wish very much I could make my clay dolls look like that!

This is Greta.

You've already met Curtis, well that his mother the elder Mrs. Perfect.

You've met Leo already. In the foreground is a Rosieduck pig head I purchased several years ago from the South Florida Dollhouse and Miniature Show.

And there's Ramona Curtis' wife. I really love Ramona, unfortunately I did not build her over a wire armature so I am constantly re-gluing her limbs :D

I am quite pleased with the dolls I've made, see I had found these 19th century Simon & Halbig dollhouse dolls in mint condition a few years ago, they were my prized miniatures. In fact the adult female doll I had found her twin in Miniature Collector Magazine but this twin did not have her original wig and costume, mine did. Then a financial crisis forced me to sell them on ebay. To this day I miss them-but being able to fill my house with dolls adds life and really fills me with delight that I made them.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mr. Leo Hershman

Leo likes to relive his days in the war and as a professional boxer. Sometimes he makes appearances without his robe, just his birthday suit. He accuses the household of starving him as he always forgets the last time he ate. In fact Leo is preoccupied with eating! Often late at night he can be found rummaging through the kitchen in search of food.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mr. & Mrs. Perfect

As I spoke to 'Matt' and got to know him better turns out his name is really Curtis. See you can't name dolls, they already have their own names! It became unrealistic that Curtis and I could ever be together so I agreed, with him by my side eagerly watching to play the role of Dr. Frankenstein and create for him a bride. Her name is Ramona!

I made a little film about Curtis and Ramona Perfect. That's right Mr. & Mrs. Perfect ;)

P.s. Thanks for the all the comments from the previous post. Curtis & Ramona are the first dolls I ever made (I used Sculpey), not counting the papermache doll I made in 4th grade art class which my teacher begged me to let her keep and I reluctantly obliged

They are not really perfect but I have no shame, I will show you regardless and then maybe 5 years down the line when I am sculpting these amazing pieces I will look back and say 'I've come a long way.' lol

Monday, April 5, 2010

You Can Make Mr. Perfect if You Can't Find Him

Hello everyone,

Hope your day is going well. So early Sunday Morning I'm watching youtube videos on polymer clay sculpting when a particular video caught my attention. Watching the lady sculpt a doll seemed so simple. Later I decided to give it a try. Everything was going well until

1. I ran out of clay
2. The dreadful application of too much brown pastel to his face resulting in a complexion of one who'd been in a fire :(

But I still love him so. I am actually pleased with the results for first try. Next time I will be more careful when applying pastels to color his complexion and I will take my time sculpting his hands and feet so that I get the symmetry right. There are some sculpting tools I need to acquire....

Dressing him was a bit of a challenge. I do not know how to sew at all. His pants are made from Prada sunglasses cleaning cloth.

His name is Matt tentatively (I can't decide) and he is what you would call a true gentlemen. He is very sophisticated, well traveled and worldly yet down to earth. He loves music, plays the piano, loves art-we like the same artists: Matisse and Gustav Klimt, poetry and reading, fine dining and lots of red wine. I don't even mind that he smokes. Yup we are totally running away together.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Little Things Bring Much Joy

Good Afternoon!

Time seems to fly extra fast in blog land, doesn't it? Last night I found some really cool miniature blogs. I managed to hit the follow button for some before the battery on my laptop gave out! Might be time for a new battery.... Thanks Lize of Lizelund for following back. Her miniatures are amazing, I even printed out a few of her book cover printies! Here's one I did last night...

Okay it's a piece of foam core but I would love to learn how to make real miniature day.

Also I re-worked the vegetables into a more attractive arrangement.

While on the phone talking to someone I was twisting a piece of clay idly in my hand. When I got off the phone I looked down and saw a donut, and thought 'a plate of donuts' lol

It's raw as you can see. This best describes my talent, like sugar-in the RAW! These are just my natural abilities without having learned or been taught anything. Of course it's always when I have no money I think about taking some kind of miniature class :D Then again I am sure there are many artist who never took a class-they are self taught through trial & error and observation. The one thing I would love to do is find a mini group in South Florida. Wonder if there are any...Ok I am rambling...

Check out my video I made for my blog

And this video is a must see for any miniature lover

Ok Ciao!