Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mr. & Mrs. Perfect

As I spoke to 'Matt' and got to know him better turns out his name is really Curtis. See you can't name dolls, they already have their own names! It became unrealistic that Curtis and I could ever be together so I agreed, with him by my side eagerly watching to play the role of Dr. Frankenstein and create for him a bride. Her name is Ramona!

I made a little film about Curtis and Ramona Perfect. That's right Mr. & Mrs. Perfect ;)

P.s. Thanks for the all the comments from the previous post. Curtis & Ramona are the first dolls I ever made (I used Sculpey), not counting the papermache doll I made in 4th grade art class which my teacher begged me to let her keep and I reluctantly obliged

They are not really perfect but I have no shame, I will show you regardless and then maybe 5 years down the line when I am sculpting these amazing pieces I will look back and say 'I've come a long way.' lol


Lize said...

I did not know that dolls already have names! Good thing you told me.

Your sculpting looks great!

Norma said...

Gives 'made for each other' a whole new meaning LOL

The video is really fun!! Huh - I knew all along he was on drugs!!

Art Of Shade said...

Chadina I love the dolls you sculpted! Your movie made me laugh!!!

The Visionary Butterfly said...

@Lize @ AOS-thanks ladies!

@Norma-to be honest I took the idea from you, once you said his pupils looked dialated I thought about making a funny vid about that. lol