Monday, April 12, 2010

All My Children

So I've made five dolls to date. Have attempted to make others but not sure if I've lost my doll making mojo! It seems my creativity is survived on pure inspiration which for me is too far and few in coming. My atmosphere has to be conducive for creativity to flow. Read too many distractions such as reality, ugh!

If you've seen my paper dolls I wish very much I could make my clay dolls look like that!

This is Greta.

You've already met Curtis, well that his mother the elder Mrs. Perfect.

You've met Leo already. In the foreground is a Rosieduck pig head I purchased several years ago from the South Florida Dollhouse and Miniature Show.

And there's Ramona Curtis' wife. I really love Ramona, unfortunately I did not build her over a wire armature so I am constantly re-gluing her limbs :D

I am quite pleased with the dolls I've made, see I had found these 19th century Simon & Halbig dollhouse dolls in mint condition a few years ago, they were my prized miniatures. In fact the adult female doll I had found her twin in Miniature Collector Magazine but this twin did not have her original wig and costume, mine did. Then a financial crisis forced me to sell them on ebay. To this day I miss them-but being able to fill my house with dolls adds life and really fills me with delight that I made them.


Peach Blossom Hill said...

Was your mother Mrs. Perfect, too?! LOL! I love them all. As for me, I have given up on sculpting originals and am ordering some more molds from Jackie Caron! Was chatting with her on Facebook today about her baby molds.


Sans said...

I totally agree that dolls add life to a house. I most certainly cannot do without them :). Love the mummy!

Norma said...

I'd like to invite Greta to tea, she looks like she'd be a great conversationalist, and Mrs Perfect looks like she'd be a bit of fun to have over to, partial to champagne I think (the best quality of course).

littleoddsandends said...

They all look great in their afternoon tea fancies. Do you sculpt them fixed or is there a wire skeleton in there somewhere? My 17 year old son says a cartoon featuring Paul and company would be cool but I think an action film would be pretty awesome too! Keep sculpting - can't wait to see more.

The Visionary Butterfly said...

Thanks for the comments Ladies ;)

Johanna Järvenpää said...

Hope you'll find your doll making mojo :)