Monday, March 29, 2010

Vampire Activities

I went to bed last night-well actually this morning at 6 a.m. I just couldn't put the clay down all the while listening to lots of Nina Simone. I even added two of her songs to my playlist on the blog but for some strange reason it doesn't play *sigh*
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Sweat potatoe (my favorite), green beans, leak, carrots, ginger, onion chopped in half and potatoes; it was originally three potatoes. Then one rolled away. I'm still on the look out for it.
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Oh and I made a bowl of strawberries. I'm going to need a nice lens for special close up shots.
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and I thought Jake's "lunch" needed some grapes to complete it.
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Sunday, March 28, 2010

You and me go together like peanut butter & Jelly

Every morning for school I make Jake’s lunch. I thought it would be fun to re-create that in miniature. Every now and then he gets the classic peanut butter & jelly.

The pictures aren't that great because it's getting dark outside. I made everything except for the silver knife sticking out of the peanut butter jar. The jelly jar was a challenge, because I am not a perfectionist I settled for my sons lego piece-the jar's lid is removable and I am not happy with the apple or the bread-but I am not a perfectionist lol.

Remember the fruit and cheese board I showed you a few post down? Well I thought it needed a bottle of wine. I made one out of sculpey. What do you think?

I had to share with you this video I found on youtube. She is a young girl who built her dollhouse out of folders, card and scrap she says. It is amazing and a must see. If she was my little sister, Oh the fun we would have!

So how was your weekend? Tell me did you make anything too?

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Winner Is....

...MY REALITTY. Congratulations! Thank you for all those who participated in the Giveaway!!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Last Night

Once in a while I will post some randoms stuff like this :)

I snapped these pictures outside the Eden Roc Hotel where I worked backstage for Art of Shade at an Elle Fashion Show.

These stairs would look fantastic in miniature, wouldn't they?!

Another highlight was I met Anchal who was on Americas Next Top Model. I have no idea which cycle/season. Don't I look so beautiful and photogenic? I'm the one on the right :P

She was really nice and down to earth. Unlike some people there

Ladies/Gentlemen I wish you a really great weekend. Thank you for your visits and support.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Dollhouse

A special thank you and welcome to those who joined with me. A reader asked if I had a dollhouse. I realized I haven't show the actual house but a few photos of the rooms like the kitchen, bathroom & music room. I acquired the house in 2007 after seeing it in a vintage shop in Cape May, NJ.

Yeah there's a lot to be done...If you get the impression that I like to decorate rather than build-you are absolutely right. I dread the thought of the much needed flooring, trim, window treatments, painting & wallpapering required to declare the house finished!

Moving on..

Here is the sofa I've been working on. In a previous post I told you I blundered the first attempt on the seat part so I ripped it out but there was unsightly dried hot glue which I planned to cover up with trim. Well I decided to cut the areas where there was glue instead, close any holes with needle and threat then redo the seat this time using foam core. I love you to whoever invented foam core!! :) I think it needs arms now...and there is still the solution to discover for giving it a bottom & legs.

The sofa is for this room. Not sure what to consider it....a sun room? My husband suggested the best thing to do is remove all the furniture and finish the rooms one at a time. I looked at him incredulously. That would be...too practical, I am anything but that :D

Some randoms things

Mushrooms-fun and easy but my husband asked 'what is that?' :((( Jake painted the bench for me. He insisted :)

Some minis I found in Cape May, NJ

Thanks to those who have shown interest in the giveaway! It's exciting to share things I've created with others. Just to let you know I would love to partake in swaps too!! So drop me an email or leave a comment. Also I forgot to mention when the actual drawing will take place :)

It will conclude this Saturday 3/27

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Reader Giveaway: "Offerings of The Sea"

Warm greetings to the readers,

I didn't mean to be gone so long. The in-laws were in town visiting but I managed to be some-what productive in spite of the tooth ache from hell!! Oh and excuse my blogs appearance as I am having trouble deciding on a color scheme/layout yet. Last night I was up until the early morning hours (I'm shocked I am wide awake at this point) and created this. I found the shell one day at the beach and thought flowers or fruit spilling out of it would be cool. Last night I saw crabs! Then i figured maybe a seaweed salad on the side, then of course this morning it came to me that it also needed a seaweed wrapped sushi roll and chopsticks!! I call this piece 'Offerings of the Sea'.

I entered a few miniature giveaways *finger crossed* and thought it would be really cool to offer one of my readers the chance to own this piece in celebration of my 16 followers & counting as a thank you for showing interest! To be considered you should follow and leave a comment!

Some other things I've made...

Fruit & cheese on a corkboard from a champagne bottle

I made the utensils using card for the blades and scullpey for the handles-they look pretty rough but I'm kinda impressed for a first try :P
My husband says he has some better material for the blades and will bring it home tonite. Can't wait to see it.

Sushi plate-I had some scrap clay laying around-and though why not give it a try

Chicken dinner, not the juicy mouth watering effect I hoped for :(

My son Jake says he would eat it though "if it were real" ;D

I snapped this pic of my dog Buddy...he was outside being too quiet, I discovered him playing through the fence with the neighbors cat for over 20 minutes! I went to grab the camera but when I came back all I snapped was his sad face-the cat had left. Buddy is simply awesome...except when he becomes a gas bag;)

Ok so don't forget to enter the 'Offerings of the Sea' giveaway.

till next time

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Another $25 spent. Not to sound cheap but thrifty is always the way to go :) This time I got more for my buck as I went to Joanne's Fabric. I didn't know they sold craft supplies as well. I bought batting, fabric for beds, fabric for curtain in the music room, fake fur to make a fur throw, floral wire for my cheese plant (see pictures), 3 loose glue sticks, and fabric trim for the disaster of a couch I am trying to make. What a disaster! I pulled the bottom out because it was not working only to have glue exposed so I will try again this time using this trim to cover the glue. Maybe I shouldn't be using hot glue? ;)

Often people have remarked that I must have a lot of patience to make miniatures. I would say I have some patience-but cutting these leaves for the cheese plant was torture. I still have a few more to go as I want to make two plants. After I assemple it I will give it another coat of green on both sides. I think I will make the additional leaves on thicker paper this time, these are fragile. I wonder if there is anything I can spray them with to stiffen them. Perhaps hairspray? What do you think?