Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Dollhouse

A special thank you and welcome to those who joined with me. A reader asked if I had a dollhouse. I realized I haven't show the actual house but a few photos of the rooms like the kitchen, bathroom & music room. I acquired the house in 2007 after seeing it in a vintage shop in Cape May, NJ.

Yeah there's a lot to be done...If you get the impression that I like to decorate rather than build-you are absolutely right. I dread the thought of the much needed flooring, trim, window treatments, painting & wallpapering required to declare the house finished!

Moving on..

Here is the sofa I've been working on. In a previous post I told you I blundered the first attempt on the seat part so I ripped it out but there was unsightly dried hot glue which I planned to cover up with trim. Well I decided to cut the areas where there was glue instead, close any holes with needle and threat then redo the seat this time using foam core. I love you to whoever invented foam core!! :) I think it needs arms now...and there is still the solution to discover for giving it a bottom & legs.

The sofa is for this room. Not sure what to consider it....a sun room? My husband suggested the best thing to do is remove all the furniture and finish the rooms one at a time. I looked at him incredulously. That would be...too practical, I am anything but that :D

Some randoms things

Mushrooms-fun and easy but my husband asked 'what is that?' :((( Jake painted the bench for me. He insisted :)

Some minis I found in Cape May, NJ

Thanks to those who have shown interest in the giveaway! It's exciting to share things I've created with others. Just to let you know I would love to partake in swaps too!! So drop me an email or leave a comment. Also I forgot to mention when the actual drawing will take place :)

It will conclude this Saturday 3/27


Pandora said...

The dolls house is lovely and like a real house, they are never really completed (which is half the fun :-))

The little sofa is turning out fine, I like the fabric.


Patricia Cabrera said...

Very lovely in deed!I enjoyed touring in yor house and the paper dollmake me smile. I am found of them. Thank you so much for visiting me on my blog and for your notes.I truely appreciate them! Smiles~

Peach Blossom Hill said...

Just found you through Make Mine Mini and am now following you. I like decorating more than building, too! But I am finally getting around to wiring my daughter's Victoria's Farmhouse! She has only had it since Christmas, 2008! Isn't that sad?! I'll look forward to seeing your projects and may want to swap with you sometime!


The Visionary Butterfly said...

@Pandora-thank you and it is true it's never finished :)

@Patricia-made me smile to read your lovely note. Thank you!

@Peachblossomhill-Thank you for following me. Decorating is way more fun and inherent in our nature I think. lol. I will be coming to your blog to visit you.