Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Another $25 spent. Not to sound cheap but thrifty is always the way to go :) This time I got more for my buck as I went to Joanne's Fabric. I didn't know they sold craft supplies as well. I bought batting, fabric for beds, fabric for curtain in the music room, fake fur to make a fur throw, floral wire for my cheese plant (see pictures), 3 loose glue sticks, and fabric trim for the disaster of a couch I am trying to make. What a disaster! I pulled the bottom out because it was not working only to have glue exposed so I will try again this time using this trim to cover the glue. Maybe I shouldn't be using hot glue? ;)

Often people have remarked that I must have a lot of patience to make miniatures. I would say I have some patience-but cutting these leaves for the cheese plant was torture. I still have a few more to go as I want to make two plants. After I assemple it I will give it another coat of green on both sides. I think I will make the additional leaves on thicker paper this time, these are fragile. I wonder if there is anything I can spray them with to stiffen them. Perhaps hairspray? What do you think?

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