Thursday, April 1, 2010

Little Things Bring Much Joy

Good Afternoon!

Time seems to fly extra fast in blog land, doesn't it? Last night I found some really cool miniature blogs. I managed to hit the follow button for some before the battery on my laptop gave out! Might be time for a new battery.... Thanks Lize of Lizelund for following back. Her miniatures are amazing, I even printed out a few of her book cover printies! Here's one I did last night...

Okay it's a piece of foam core but I would love to learn how to make real miniature day.

Also I re-worked the vegetables into a more attractive arrangement.

While on the phone talking to someone I was twisting a piece of clay idly in my hand. When I got off the phone I looked down and saw a donut, and thought 'a plate of donuts' lol

It's raw as you can see. This best describes my talent, like sugar-in the RAW! These are just my natural abilities without having learned or been taught anything. Of course it's always when I have no money I think about taking some kind of miniature class :D Then again I am sure there are many artist who never took a class-they are self taught through trial & error and observation. The one thing I would love to do is find a mini group in South Florida. Wonder if there are any...Ok I am rambling...

Check out my video I made for my blog

And this video is a must see for any miniature lover

Ok Ciao!


Lize said...

Thank you Chadina!

Just have to tell you, I could see my husband telling me too that perhaps I should first finish the dolls house and then fill it,room by room, just like your husband did! What do they know! That would just take the fun out of it!

Love the music on your blog by the way!

libramoon said...

Never mock at Eris
Lest Eris mock with you
Hers is a brave dispassion
You haven't got a clue

hoLY cHaOS

share and enjoy

Emerging Visions visionary art 'zine #17 ~ HOly ChAoS

littleoddsandends said...

Chadina, Love your style. Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for checking in over at my new little blog.

The Visionary Butterfly said...

@lize and littleoddsandends- thanks!

@libramoon- Your comment reads like a riddle. I had to google Eris to see whom you referred to, I checked out your blog. Not sure what your comments means but thanks for the visit and taking the time to share your thoughts :)

Peach Blossom Hill said...

Love the veggies and the doughnuts! I love your work! I am trying to master poly clay minis but have a far way to travel to do so! Love the videos!


Norma said...

Lize's blog is so wonderful isn't it, always so much to see. I haven't made any of her books yet but I sure do have them 'saved' on my computer :)

The little video of you blog is a great idea, and looks good!

Hey, you know what, I liked your good arrangements just as they were!

Hope you're having a great Easter weekend :)

Deborah said...

Hi Chadina, Cheap is good but I prefer to say frugal. It sounds more dignified. Where are you located? I have a doll house too. It needs a a lot of work! I love how creative you are with yours. I buy everything for mine. My friend Joel has a thrift shop and I got a bunch of stuff from her which helped but it still needs a lot of help.

Sans said...

Hi Chadina :), thank you for visiting my blog and following it. I am in the office now but will take the time to read your posts soon. So far, I like what I see :).

Lize said...

Hi Chadina, I see that you have a new post on making the 'perfect man'. For some reason however I can not get to it. It doesn't open up!