Friday, July 30, 2010

So Appealing

It was not my intention to neglect the blog for so long. The last few months I've pondered how to return from my departure.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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Image and video hosting by TinyPicThen today Jake and I had a little thrifting adventure. We came across this black and white photograph of two bananas in bed together. This for some reason reminds me of the joke: 'Why did the banana take off it's clothes? Because it had appeal.' Or something like that.

The photo mounted on poster board is damaged but coupled with my other find below (the bicycle) turned out to be free of charge and equaled a damn good find ;)
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I sent Jake over to the owner to inquire of the price and when the man told him it was free Jake was very confused. The man explained to him 'Sometimes some things in life are free'. Bless his heart.

At the same store I also found the following and felt the need to spend some money seeing the owner had been so generous. He said the pieces were old. I figured the tub and toilet and figures could be used for some future project...
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The two figures and the toilet/tub cost me $10. My mom says the figures are spooky though I insist they are just miniatures.

Sincere thank you to those who have joined my blog and showing interest. It really tickles my fancy!


Norma said...

Hey Chadina!! So happy to see you posting again!! :) We've missed you!!!

Great shopping, those bananas in bed are just too funny :) I'm sure it was Jake's charm that got him such a great bargain on that fab bike! I can see the appeal of the old couple, altho they are a little spooky they're also really intriguing. The tub and toilet on their own are a great bargain for $10.

The Visionary Butterfly said...

Hi Norma,

you are so right it was all Jake's doing, he is my secret weapon lol.

Margaret said...

I would send Jake to do all the wheeling and dealing in future. Those figurines may be valuable, the other finds were good buys. Oh, and nice to see you back blogging, wondered what you were up to.

Sans! said...

Chadina :) good to see you back in blogland! 1stly, that story about the old man and the bicycle is another of those life affirming moments. Sometimes, somethings in life is free :). And a good thing too! I love that and will now use it as mone of my daily mantras :).

I LOVE the old dolls. TOTALLY NOT spooky. So much character. They are truly fab! Display them in a nice corner, build them a house . They are a conversation piece. I wonder what they have seen :).

The Visionary Butterfly said...

Sans-Indeed, I love old things and hope to build them a scene that will do them justice.

@Margaret-LOL very true. Thanks for visiting me!

hodge podge said...

ohh... this miniature bthroom is a delight... ;) specially the toilet.. nyc keep gng...

The Visionary Butterfly said...

@hodgepodge-thank you for your input and following the blog! Many thanks :)