Thursday, March 22, 2012

Components to a Koi Pond


Anonymous said...

Dear :)...I can't comment on your other blog Visons of Style.Oh why?
As always,I'm a little behind your blog,but sooner or later I always remember to check it out.It's a must for me!With all my heart,I can tell you that when I saw your -sequins for skin- and the -Boroquen Dreams- looks I was truly amazed.
The first look is really sexy,yet still ladylike.The jeans are the epitome of sexy and combined with that elegant cardigan they make the whole look classy-edgy.
However,what has really surprised me,was the second look.You know,I'm far from a girl that would dress in a top that has some lace in it or in a flowy cardigan,or that would even choose those shoes,but the way you put together all the pieces is really inspiring.Yes,the look is romantic,but it has that edge to it that says...look I'm all gentle and that,but I can bite,too :D ... !!!Everything is beautiful and chosen with great taste.
I'm so inspired <3 !


pocahontas said...

Your so good with your hands!